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US History, APUSH, World History, AP European History, Economics, Government, World Religions



1) "You will find Torin to be one of the most dedicated social science teachers and has probably the most depth of knowledge of his content of any history teacher I have ever worked with." ~ R. Goyal, Director, Curriculum and Instruction, Santa Rosa City School District Click here to read the entire testimonial.

2) "In the eight years I worked with Mr. Finney, before I retired as his principal, I could see his command of the subject matter as well as his creativity and enthusiasm in the classroom." ~ C. Gach, Retired Fullerton Union High School Principal Click here to read entire testimonial.

3) "His topic development is excellent and varied. His presentations are at the students' level of comprehension and interest." ~ S. Smith, Department Chair Social Science, Bakersfield College Click here to read entire testimonial.

4) "Torin is a dedicated teacher who strives for excellence in every lesson. His standards based lesson plans and engaging presentation were filled with an enormous amount of knowledge in his content area." ~ J. Brannen, Vice Principal, Sequoia Middle School, Bakersfield Click here to read entire testimonial.

5) "I have personally witnessed a great amount of professionalism and passion for his students and content. Mr. Finney is often working with at-risk students giving them the opportunity to master the content." ~ S. Garcia, Assistant Principal, Fullerton Union High School Click here to read entire testimonial.

6) "His students are encouraged to think critically and creatively. His students use technology to do research, collaborate with peers and the teacher, organize their thinking, prepare and deliver professional level presentations and assess their own learning." ~ S. Zamora, Director Educational Services, Fullerton Joint Union High School District Click here to read entire testimonial.

7) "Torin's instructional methodology focused on developing a lively, interactive and positive learning environment, and he created an appropriate balance in terms of the learning activities that were provided students." ~ Dr. J. Ritter, Assistant Principal, Garces Memorial High School, Bakersfield Click here to read entire testimonial.



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