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LOCATION: Irvine, California  USA

Historic period(s) portrayed:
American Civil War (1861-1865)

Old West (1850-1890)

Late Victorian/Gilded Age, Colonial Wars (1870-1900)

Age range:

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Gender(s) portrayed:

Historic person(s) portrayed:

My JAMES ALLEN DAVIS character is based in part on famous Civil War correspondents such as Alfred R. Waud, Edwin Forbes and Horace Greeley. I have written a 700-page period style "memoir" of my adventures portraying this character, which includes a portfolio of more than seventy pencil and charcoal sketches of battlefield and camp scenes composed at living history events across the United States.

Horse Proficent? no

Own Horse? no

Presentations Given:
I have given numerous lectures in period garb on journalism during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and diplomacy and foreign policy during the same period.

Reenact as a couple?  yes    If yes, please explain more about your "couple" impression: My partner Jill and I have portrayed Victorian era couples at period balls and other living history events.

Willing to travel? yes    Conditions:   Within 50 miles of Orange County, California, except in extraordinary circumstances.

Special Reenacting skills:
Period ballroom dancing, sketching combat scenes and landscapes, writing period prose, singing, acting, calligraphy, language dialects, and a working knowledge of both military and civilian personal effects and etiquette from the Victorian era.

Languages and Dialects Spoken:
English (including Irish, English, Scottish, Australian, and American regional dialects), Spanish, and some German, French, and Italian. I have also studied Japanese, Latin and Greek.

Reenactments attended, singly or on a regular basis:
140th Gettysburg in Pennsylvania (August 2003), 140th Franklin in Tennessee (October 2004), Landis Valley Museum in Pennsylvania (July 2004) plus scores of events in California, Nevada, and Oregon between 1996 and 2011. I reenacted at Ardenwood and Fort Tejon State Historic Parks in California for seven years, and was a presenter at the Fresno Historical Society's Kearney Park event for eleven consecutive years.

Past projects worked on as a Reenactor:
Between 2002 and 2010 I served as a guest speaker at middle schools, high schools, home school groups, and numerous Civil War Roundtable groups and civic organizations. My war correspondent impression has been featured in several short documentary films. I have also published period dispatches and sketches in magazines, newspapers, and online journals.

Availability for projects:
I am a full-time high school social science teacher in Orange County, California, so my availability at this time is limited largely to my school breaks over the winter holidays, on spring recess in March, and during the summer months of June and July. I could be available for film shoots and special presentations if they were one-time or one-day events.


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