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Historic period(s) portrayed:
American Civil War (1861-1865)

Old West (1850-1890)

Late Victorian/Gilded Age, Colonial Wars (1870-1900)

Age range:

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Ladies Traveling Boots by Jill

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Gender(s) portrayed:

Historic person(s) portrayed:

While I do not portray a particular historic person, my characters are all based on real people and research. Miss Charlotte is based on Southern upper class ladies of the American civil war, Cuzzin Kate is based on bushwhacker women (what is known of them), Mr. Clarence Lipsey of the New York Times is based on bohemian news reporters of the American civil war (and he is a man not a woman portraying a man) and my vivandiere character is based on Mary Tepe, an actual viviandiere during the American civil war.

Weapon Proficiency:
Have fired Springfield, Enfield and Brown Bess as well as several period repro pistols from the 1860s era. Own a Colt Model 1849 .31 caliber hideout Wells Fargo revolver and holster.

Military Units

I belonged to the 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co C for many years and participated as a vivandiere for that unit providing hand written letters at mail call for the soldiers and baked goods and haversack essentials like homemade soap and candles. I participated on the field with the Company Surgeon performing triage during battles at the sidelines, bandaging soldiers with pre-bloodied strips of cotton and providing water and accountrement assistance as needed during the battle.

Horse Proficent? yes

Own Horse? no

Presentations Given:
Presentations I have available include: excerpts from letters written as Miss Charlotte to Henri G. Beauchet as he travels abroad as a Southern diplomat, short skits written for middle school children portraying a vivandiere on the battlefield and a woman portraying a male soldier on the battlefield, and short presentations on womans period clothing and the role of the vivandiere.

Reenact as a couple?  yes    If yes, please explain more about your "couple" impression: I portray a variety of fictitious couples from the American Civil War era, including a Savannah proprietor of a young lady's finishing school, Miss Charlotte Wilkins, engaged to a Louisiana sugar planter Henri G. Beauchet and a Missouri guerrilla, Cuzzin Kate McFeat, who rides with her beau Black Jack Shelton of Quantrill's Raiders.

Willing to travel? yes    Conditions:   I have my own businesses in ballroom dance instruction ( and web design ( so I would need to work around my customers' schedules.

Special Reenacting skills:
Historic and Period Dancer and Dance Teacher, Acting, Singing (alto), Manners and Etiquette, Needlepoint and Embroidery, Soap Making, Candle Dipping, Herbalist, Period Baked Goods, Archery, Pistol Shooting, Proficient in Spy Tactics, Corsage Making, Poet and Playwright.

Languages and Dialects Spoken:
American English, British Upper Class English, Little bit of Castilian Spanish and Upper Class French, American Southern, Working Class Irish.

Reenactments attended, singly or on a regular basis:
Prado American Civil War Reenactment, Chino, CA Moorpark Blue & Gray Reenactment, Moorpark, CA Ft. Tejon American Civil War Reenactment, Ft. Tejon, CA Vista American Civil War Reenactment, Vista, CA Long Beach American Civil War Reenactment, Long Beach, CA Perris Railway Museum American Civil War Society Reenactment, Perris, CA Totem Pole American Civil War Reenactment, CA St. Catherine's Military School American Civil War Reenactment, Anaheim, CA Spring Mountain Ranch American Civil War Reenactment, Las Vegas, NV Huntington Beach American Civil War Reenactment, Huntington Beach, CA

Past projects worked on as a Reenactor:
Speaker at middle schools and high schools, civil war round table events in CA and NV, living historian extra in movies and featured on The History Channel in "Sex and the Civil War".

Availability for projects:


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