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There will be contact information on each member's page for you to utilize should you want to hire them. Keep in mind many members might portray mulitiple time periods.

On each member's page you'll get to know where they're based out of, what impressions they do, special skills or accoutrements they have available along with pictures and maybe even a YouTube or two... to aid you in searching for your perfect match to your project or special event.

Please keep in mind that our members can write about your project after its conclusion in our Public Forum to give others a glimpse of their exciting experiences.  Click here for our Living Historians & Reenactors Suggested Bill of Rights.  Please note if you utilize a member from it is understood that you will have read this Suggested Bill of Rights.

A note about remuneration (that is money)... Living Historians are often very eager to help out, even to the point of "doing it for free".  However, you wouldn't expect someone with their professional knowledge and period correct clothing to work for free in any other vocation.  A suggested /hr fee would be around $15/hr with time and a half offered if the project will be over eight hours.  I'm sure you can get others to do your work for free but you'll find that does not encourage our members to do this since ultimately it compromises the entire community.