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If you ever thought you...  

would like to be in movies, TV, commercials or available for special projects as a living historian or reenactor dressed smartly in your carefully constructed period clothing and accoutrements

have a wealth of knowledge about a period or person that fascinates you and you’d like to share this with others within your community and beyond


 - then is the place for you!

Pass the word about since the more living historians and reenactors located on this site, the more useful it will be for individuals and groups eager to hire or even other reenactors just starting out looking for ideas about what an impression of a particular era might involve!

I've heard more than one living historian and reenactor say how wonderful it would be to just "do this for a living”, pursuing a passion that is much more than a hobby... one that receives our time, energy, money and love year in and year out. 

At you can make yourself a web page that highlights your impression and celebrates the effort and expense that you've gone to for an historically accurate tribute to the people and events that have gone before us.


By joining you will make yourself known to everyone from casting directors and producers to schools, clubs and local project organizers to your fellow living historians and reeactors that you are a living historian and reenactor and you are proud of your efforts!

You will be able to enter Living Historian information about yourself such as:

  • What period(s) you portray;
  • Pictures & videos
  • Whether you own a horse or weapons and/or are trained to use them;
  • What additional skills you may have such as public speaking, singing, dancing, drawing and more;
  • City and state of residence and availability.

Membership is $59.95 US per year per person

For less than $5/month you can be on the web 24/7 

Living historian or reenactor outside of the US? 

No worries, fill everything out as usual and PayPal will accept your currency.


1) Go to the Join page and enter your information and tick the boxes "Our Pledge" and "Member Agreement".  Also, answer the security question since we need that to scare off some of the bots on the web.

2) Then you'll be directed to PayPal which will ask you for your information and credit card for payment.

3) Next you will be given a Member Login so you can login to your page on our website to create your very own web page with text, pictures and video.

4) You will be sent an email one week before your year is up for renewal and at that time you will need to reenter your credit card information in PayPal again for the next year, but you won’t necessarily need to update your information if you renew before your year expires.

When you join you'll be able to use the  “Marketplace” where you can post your personal reenacting items for sale for 30 days at a time and the “Public Forum” where you can post events or information about an upcoming or current project for other living historians and reenactors to read about and learn more.