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  1. I want to send a member a message where it says, Send This User A Message on their web page.  How do I do that?  You'll need to go to the Join page and sign-in as a "Free Registration" and then you can enter your name and password into the Login at the top and send the member a message.


  1. I want to list a project but I'm not a living historian or reenactor so I don't want to join.  How can I do this? Go to the Join page and sign-up for "Free Registration".  Then you can go to the Public Forum and post your project.  Remember we reserve the right to remove any offensive listings in the Public Forum.  You can also contact individual members through their member pages as well.
  2. What should I put in my listing?  Let living historians and reenactors know what era(s) you're looking for, when your project will take place, where it will take place and a good way to contact you.


  1. Once I'm a member and someone sends me a message how do I know that I have a message?  Do I have to login to everyday to check?  You will receive a message at the email address that you listed when you joined as a member.  The email will indicate that you have a message waiting for you at
  2. I'm having trouble inserting pictures into my web page, why is this?  Are you trying to upload something too big?  We have a size limit on photos of 2Meg.  Please make sure your photos are file types that are jpgs or gifs.  Also we have a nine picture limit.
  3. I'm having trouble inserting videos into my web page.  At this time we support only YouTube videos.  You'll need to create a YouTube page and then upload your video there.  Once you have that you'll have a URL from YouTube and you can insert that URL into your Member page video blank.
  4. I created my page and I can't find it when I search for it in the Living Historians.  Did you fill in the blanks for gender, location and your "era" or "eras"?  If you left too many fields blank the search function would not have anything you are searchable by so you wouldn't come up.
  5. What if I'm out of town when I'm supposed to renew my membership? Since we send you an email you will see when you need to renew if you are able to check your email out of town.  Just renew from out of town at that point.  If you will not be able to get to a computer while out of town send us an email before you leave about this.
  6. If I don't renew and my web page "expires" can I get it back or do I have to reenter everything?  You'll need to reenter your information after you renew again.


  1. How do I enter my items for sale? You will want to join as a paying member.  Once in your control panel you'll be able to enter your items for sale.  Only members can sell their personal reenacting items on the web site. However everyone can view them.  Remember we reserve the right to remove any offensive sales messages in the MarketPlace.
  2. Will my items posted for sale stay on the Marketplace indefinitely? No, the item(s) will only be available for view for approximately 30 days.  After that time they will be removed and if you haven't sold them you'll need to repost.