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ABOUT US was started by living historians Jill Forbath (professional web designer, director/playwright and actor) and Torin Finney (high school history teacher and author), to give living historians, reenactors and actors who portray famous people of all eras anywhere in the world a common area on the internet to post a web page that they can update themselves anytime.

So many times we have met individual living historians, reenactors and actors in our combined nearly 30 years of reenacting at events across the USA that were quite specialized in their wonderful impressions and so well accoutered and versed in their characters that we would marvel that more people didn't know about their talents and impressions. 

They would smile and say that they were meaning to do that web page or that they needed to update their web site or that they would like to be able to put themselves up somewhere on the web but didn't have the time or money to do it.

This site is especially for those individual living historians, reenactors and actors who play famous people who would like a presence on the web that is easy to create and inexpensive to maintain and where they are accessible to a variety of people and projects 24/7.

Often units or organizations of living historians and reenactors do have websites devoted to their groups and are represented by various liaisons for projects and we thought, why shouldn't individuals have that opportunity as well?  Additionally, we wanted living historians, reenactors and actors who play famous people to be able to see other "impressions" and communicate with them in an "historic" environment. 

We know that it is helpful to be able to sell spare or no longer needed items to other people with similar needs so the Market Place was born.  The Public Forum grew out of the idea for members and others to be able to post projects or thoughts and impressions about projects for others to learn about or comment upon, as the case may be.

We hope you will join this site if you are a living historian, reenactor or actor who plays a famous person in need of a place to "hang your hat" on the web and we hope you will use this site if you need to hire a living historian, reenactor or actor who plays a famous person for your upcoming project, no matter its size.   

The price for joining Living Historians for Hire is far less than maintaining an individual web site which can cost you hosting fees and web designing running into hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year. 

We know we've spent that kind of money at a reenactment just to get that perfect accoutrement so why not a few dollars a month to showoff your impression on the web? 

Remember, if you'd like to contact a member on this site you can "join for free" and send an email to that member in our secure member email system.  

We hope you will pass the word along to anyone you think would benefit from since the larger it grows the more useful it will become.  This is a grass roots effort to create a network of living historians, reenactors and actors who play famous people around the world.  As you can see we don't have corporate sponsors or a big advertising budget so your participation helps our whole community both online and beyond.

Respectfully yours,
Jill Forbath & Torin Finney