Harpers Weekly

American Civil War Correspondent and Special Artist
James Allen Davis



Dear Torin,
Thank you so much for taking the time to educate our students about the role of a [Civil War] journalist. I mustJames Allen Davis on the wagon. say, you were a hit. The students enjoyed your costume and thought your presentation was both informative and entertaining. We hope to see you again next year. --- Jamie Groves, Centennial High School History Teacher


Dear Mr. Finney,
That was a very cool presentation that the four of you did. I have chosen to write to you because you were the most interesting. I liked that you knew a little bit about every aspect of the war and could comment on everything that was said. I also must commend your skill as both artist and actor. I can see how individuals such as yourself could make Civil War reenactments seem like the real thing. --- Bryan, Centennial High School Student


Dear Torin,
More than a week after The Civil War Revisited, we are still receiving phone calls and letters from people
telling us about their wonderful experience at the event! There is no doubt that the living history weekend exceeded expectations -- on behalf of the Board and Staff, I would like to thank you for helping to bring the Civil War era to life! --- Christina Perryman, Fresno Historical Society


Bohemians at rest and James Allen Davis with sketches and tools of the trade.Dear Mr. Finney,
Congratulations on being featured in The Bakersfield Californian Class Acts section. I really enjoyed reading about the Summer on the Front Lines reenactment [140th Gettysburg event]. What a wonderful and nostalgic article.

I hope your enthusiasm for history continues to grow as it is clearly presented in this article. Your students are very fortunate to have such a passionate historian as yourself for a teacher. I wish you many more historical adventures! --- Dr. Jean Fuller, Superintendent, Bakersfield City School District

Above: James Allen Davis of Harper's Weekly displaying his recently completed sketches at the Gettysburg reenactment in 2003.


Dear Mr. Finney,
Thank you for coming down and taking time away from your busy day to talk to us about the Civil War. It was interesting to learn of the life they lived, what type of clothes were worn, and how not only the Confederates and Union soldiers [saw] action, but the journalist did as well. It was cool to see it from two different views. One thing I did enjoy was your outfit, especially the hat that was cool. --- Jennifer, Centennial High School Student

James Allen Davis at the Perris Railway Museum

James Allen Davis at the Railway Museum in Perris, California.


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