Harpers Weekly

American Civil War Correspondent and Special Artist
James Allen Davis


Period Photographs

Above: Bohemian Brigade at Franklin, Tennessee: (left to right standing) John Nevins, Torin Finney, Alan Lloyd, Steve Diatz, David Foote, (left to right seated) Shawn Kohrmann, Michael Farnsley, and Michael Sanchez. Image by Wendell Decker.

    Above: James Allen Davis and Clarence J. Lipsey of the New York Times, Manassas, Virginia, 1862.
    Image struck by Wayne Pierce.

Union Scouts

    Above: Mr. Davis with French Mary in Grant's Tennessee Campaign, March, 1862.
    Image by Wayne Pierce.

Above: Lt. Marshall Neal and Mr. Davis, Falmouth, Virginia, March 1863. Image by Wayne Pierce.

Above: Michael Farnsley as Mr. Alfred Waud of Harper's Weekly, David Foote as Mr. Ephraim Gantt of the Louisville Examiner and Torin Finney as Mr. James Allen Davis of Harper's Weekly at the 140th Gettysburg reenactment. Image by Robert Szabo.

Above: Mr. Davis sketching the Irish Brigade on the Peninsula, May 1862. Image by William Dunniway.


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