TORIN FINNEY is a teacher and writer based in Southern California Torin Finney

For twenty years Mr. Finney has worked as a classroom teacher in Kern and Orange Counties, teaching every age from sixth grade to adults and in both private and public school settings. He participated for eight years as the social science teacher in an innovative Digital Arts and Humanities Program, working with other educators across the disciplines to help students explore the intersection between classic American literature and historical themes.


After earning his undergraduate degree in American Studies from UC Santa Cruz and his Master's in the same field from UMass/Boston, Mr. Finney studied religion at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He completed a pastoral internship in Hawaii and did parish work in Kansas before returning to California. Mr. Finney began his teaching career at Garces Memorial High School in Bakersfield and led an educational tour of Ireland for 30 people in April 2000 as part of the student Celtic Society.


Mr. Finney is an award-winning author, writing a biography of a World War I conscientious objector and labor activist and appearing as a guest speaker to promote his book on cable television and college campuses in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He also wrote a period memoir for his Harper's Weekly character and included his original sketches as illustrations.


Mr. Finney has followed many muses on his artistic journey through the decades. From sketching historical scenes in his childhood in the South to theatrical work in his teenage years, he moved on to music in his twenties and thirties, singing and songwriting in both bands and choirs.

For fifteen years he participated in living history programs across the United States, portraying a 19th century sketch artist for Harper's Weekly and appearing as a guest presenter at schools, reenactments, civic groups, and clubs. He created a portfolio of more than 70 original sketches in this character and was the subject of feature articles in a variety of publications, including The Bakersfield Californian and The Los Angeles Times.

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